Resuming Jumma Prayers 4th December 2020

Aslam O Alaykum,

Jummah Prayers will resume from 4th December 2020 In Sha Allah.

When attending the Mosque for Jumu’ah salaah:

Ø Register for Jumu’ah attendance by Thursday every week and give your personal details.

Ø You must wear a face mask, socks and gloves (available to buy at the Mosque: masks 60p)

Ø Once capacity is full before Salaah, doors will be locked until Salaah is over.

Ø If demand exceeds capacity a second Jumu’ah Salaah, may be arranged.

Ø Only Jama’at (congregational) Salaah. Pray Sunnah/Nafl/Witr at home. No other activities permitted.

Ø People coming directly from a place of work, may pray Sunnah, only where they prayed Fardh.

Ø Doors will open 10 minutes before and close 10 minutes after Salaah.

Ø Complete ablution (wudhu) at home as facilities will not be accessible at the Mosque.

Ø Avoid using public transport. Park in the public car parks on Newcomen Road and Knox Road.

Ø There will be a socially distanced queue system to ensure safe and orderly entrance to the Mosque.

Ø Upon entering, your temperature will be checked.

Ø You must use hand sanitiser upon entry.

Ø Remove your shoes place in a bag and keep shoes with you. Do not use the shoe rack.

Ø Chair users must sit on sanitised chairs provided. Do not move/remove chairs from location.

Ø Upon entering avoid touching shoe racks, door handles, doors, pillars and walls etc.

Ø You must use disposable Mussallah (available to buy at the Mosque for 40p).

Ø Maintain 2 metres distance at all times and avoid physical contact: no handshakes, no hugs.

Ø There will be a one-way system and markings and signage to guide you through the Mosque.

Ø When standing for Salaah make sure there are two Mussallah spaces between you and others.

Ø Keep Mussallah space between you and front person staggered to ensure enough space.

Ø All types of books, beads, benches, hats etc. inside the mosque will not be accessible.

Ø Avoid social gatherings outside the Mosque.

Ø If you develop symptoms while in the Mosque inform the Imam and leave immediately.

Ø Any instructions given by Mosque volunteers (who are trained for your safety) must be followed.

These preventative measures are for our own safety and the safety of our staff, volunteers and others.

Failing to comply with the guidelines, will result in you being denied access to the Mosque. We request that you show patience and understanding and help us to help you stay safe. May Allah keep us all safe

Do not attend Mosque if you fall into following categories:

v You have Covid-19 symptoms, are experiencing continuous coughing, breathing difficulties or high temperature. Lost sense of taste or smell. You have medical conditions such as heart condition, diabetes and/or any respiratory conditions.

v You are 65 years of age or older. You are 13 years or under.

v You live in a household that has vulnerable persons or extremely vulnerable persons.

v You have been abroad in last 14 days.

Stay safe, pray at home, keep others safe.

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