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However this obstacle is currently in the course of being overcome: we are in the process of purchasing a larger building. We wish to accommodate our ever-growing community by providing adequate prayer space, children’s Islamic classes, providing for our youth and women. We are currently restricted in the services we can provide by small premises and so unfortunately these aims are not all being met. However with a larger building in addition to our current building, we can meet the needs of our community.

The services we currently provide:

  • Facilities for religious needs

  • Islamic classes

  • Nikkah service

  • Funeral service

  • Spiritual guidance

Our aim is: To help the community thrive and to build, strengthen and sustain individual, family and community life.


Islah-Ul-Muslimeen is the original mosque in Wellingborough. We are open to visitors throughout the year. Since the mosque was established, it has become a focal point for the Muslim community. Over the years, both Muslims and non-Muslims have used this mosque’s premises for events such as meetings, lectures, studies, for community and educational purposes.


We are a charitable association and given a charity status by the National Charity Commission.

We have a growing community of over 2000 Muslims amongst a population of 75,700. Although Islah-Ul-Muslimeen is an established association, we are still in the formative stages as a community who only have a small Mosque to host the prayers, and no community centre or any other facilities to cater for our wider religious, cultural and communal needs.


The first mosque was established in a mid-terrace house in Regent Street at the cost of £4,500 in 1979. It known as Islamic Union.  A few years later, the mosque moved to 22 Strode Road, only a few houses up from our current premises. This was purchased at the cost of £8,500 In 1987, the mosque then relocated to our current site, 37 Winstanley Road, which is right on the corner where Winstanley Road and Strode Road meet. It was a Gospel Mission hall. An adjacent house was also purchased at the cost of £26,000 to be used as a community centre.




What was before

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What we've achieved

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