Frequently asked questions

Covid-19 questions – what is the mosque doing to minimise spreading of infection?

Mosque is following strict social distancing during prayers. Mask is compulsory in the Mosque. Washing facility is closed. One way system in place. hand sanitiser is provided at entrance and exit. We provide disposable prayer mats.

What should I bring to the mosque during Covid-19 restrictions? Must Wear face mask, gloves and socks. Bring shoe bag.

What funeral services do you provide?

We provide full funeral service transportation, preparation for burial, arranging burial with the local council including burial. We also provide a monthly funeral plan.

What marriage services are provided?


What facilities do you provide for women?

Private prayer room with seperate female toilets and washroom, baby change room. kitchen facility. religious and social gatherings.

What facilities do you provide for children’s religious education?

We run a Madrassah that provides islamic education for both boys and girls as well as adults. Tajweed, Quran Recitation, Hifz, Aqaid. A special 2 year course in islamic studies leading to GCSE Qualification.

What facilities are there for the elderly and disabled?

We provide all religious facilities for elderly and disabled.