Coronavirus and Masjid services

Updated: Aug 25

1. Wudu facility is closed please make wudu at home.

if in emergency you need to make wude at the masjid please bring your own towel

2. All attendees to Bring your own musallah

3. Jumma Prayer will be short. just arabic khutbah anf Farz salaat. please pray sunnah and nawafil at home.

4. Masjid will close straight after Fard salaat therefore please leave staight away.

5. Wen entering and leaving Masjid please do n

ot touch door handles or any surfaces.

6. Please refrain from hand shakes and huggs just the beautiful islamic greeting Aslam O Alaykum is sufficent.

Please do not attend Masjid if you are in the following group:

1. over the age of 60

2. You have symptoms of corona virus, cold, flu or you have cough, high temperature, runny nose.

you have any other  underlying  health issues.

if not sure just stay at home and do your prayers.



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